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Unlimited Website Hosting
Unlimited website hosting does NOT mean that your web site will take over the entire Internet. But you do get freedom to choose platforms, have multiple website hosting and have everything run under one control panel. When drawing out your web hosting plans, remember that a lot of video and audio features take a lot of bandwidth and are always slower to load then text and graphics.
Text hits the viewer first. Most people immediately start reading the website even before the graphics and ads have finished downloading. The faster the pages download, the easier it is for the viewer to stay interested. Although it’s great having some of the latest techie toys on an ecommerce website, never loose sight of the main goal – to get your message out to the people in as short amount of time as possible.
About Bandwidth
Any medium that transports electronic information (cable, optic fiber, copper wires and the like) can only hold so much information at a time. That's because of the physical limitations of today's technology. When you look at other professional website hosting providers, they might say "unlimited" but actually will charge extra for video or audio downloads or hard drive disc space over a certain limit. Always read the "Terms of Service" over carefully before signing or paying for anything.
At Rent A Webmaster, there are no nasty surprises waiting for you down the road with your unlimited website hosting. We answer all of your questions in a timely, professional manner. We want you in on the deciding process, so you can understand what plan is best for your business. And we will be up front and let you know exactly what you are paying for before the bill arrives.
Resellers Website Hosting
One of the most popular unlimited website hosting plans is called resellers website hosting. This can work for Windows or Linux platforms. Resellers web hosting plans helps you take even more control of your websites, as you will be able to make multiple websites under your allotted account. And you get unlimited email, FTP and IM accounts. Multiple web pages targeting specific subjects greatly improve your chances of getting noticed by website surfers.
Rent A Webmaster’s affordable, secure website hosting will help you through all the steps of designing a new ecommerce website or revamping an existing site. You also get support and instruction from real human beings to help you and your employees take control of this essential part of your ebusiness.
Contact Us to see how Rent A Webmaster can help you with your all of your ecommerce website solutions today!

Privacy Policy

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