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Safe and Secure Website Hosting
By running an ebusiness, you are not only responsible for keeping safe your employees and stockholder's private information, but you are responsible for the safety of your customer's private information. Trading in personal data is the new universal currency in organized online criminal organizations. They go through line after line of your ebusiness' computer codes and your website hosting server in order to find the virtual equivalent of an unlocked back door.
Don't think it can't happen to you. Personal data has been recently stolen from top companies like TJMaxx and The Gap; government agencies like the Department of Veteran's Administration and the Department of Welfare; and even online specialists like Monster.com. You need not only professional website hosting, but secure website hosting.
Hear What Two Top IT Security Firms Found
*Internet security company Symantec reports that they found 4.7 million botnets in 2006.
* Sophos found most of the malware sites they found were not lures set up by online criminals, but wide security gaps in the computer code of legitimate sites that make them vulnerable to malicious software.
Botnets are the new tools of organized internet crimes. Botnets are all of the computers that have been infected with one internet criminal's spyware. They can read not only all of the personal data inside, but can even control your computers from remote control. Don't let your website become a virtual zombie slave to line someone else's pockets at the expense of you, your stockholders and your clients.
Secure Web Hosting Plans Is Not an Option
The big name international web servers are spread too thin in order to keep up with the latest online criminal tricks. But becoming a victim of internet crime is not inevitable with a few sensible precautions
one of these precautions is hiring a cutting-edge, tech-savvy and business website hosting. You can find this secure and affordable website hosting from Rent A Webmaster. You can cut off the threat of malicious software sent from online criminals by having better and safer website hosing provider.
Other Benefits of Rent A Webmaster Secure Website Hosting
We work with you to find the best web hosting plans for your business needs. We also offer unlimited website hosting and multiple website hosting, because your business will always need room to grow.
And, at Rent A Webmaster, you will always be satisfied with our service. Contact us to see how we can give you peace of mind today.

Privacy Policy

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