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Is YOUR  WEBSITE 'Computer Eye Candy'?
Gone are the days of having to enter HTML code line by eye-numbing line in order to custom website development. Now there is a virtual mountain of webpage development software to choose from. This brings you yet another problem -
How can you possibly choose from them all?
There are a lot of bells and whistles on commercial sites today that detract from the overall sales message. Or, there's too much information presented, their eyeballs are so overwhelmed they numb up. And then there are commercial sites that are TOO wordy and have no frills at all - and does it show!
Recent studies of web surfers show that the average person reads only about twenty words of a page before clicking away. You need to make every word, every graphic and every link count.
By outsourcing your website development programs to Rent A Webmaster, we will stay focused enough to give your customers:
  • What they need to know to crave your product
  • Only enough bells and whistles to get their attention
  • Make navigating your website easy and fun
  • Choose the best website designer software for your particular business and no other business
  • Keep on top of the ever changing world of website development programs
  • Instruct you on how to make changes to your website yourself
Custom Website Development
It's not only a science, but an art to design a website. Template software, graphics software, application tools, and editor programs - these very technical aspects have to be balanced with pleasing images and easy to read text with a creative sense of color and whatever else pleases the eye.
Rent A Webmaster combines the technical computer knowledge with artistic flavor to give your site taste, sparkle … and more customers. We like to call it 'computer eye candy'.
Your website development program should exemplify the unique quality of your business.

Rent A Webmaster gives you personal one on one care in the design, instruction and maintenance of your web site. Can a free program you download off of the internet do that? When there is a problem, there is a real live human being to talk to and get help from.

We know you treat your customers with the respect and speediness they deserve. How about giving yourself the same treatment? Artistic flavor, technical know-how and your satisfaction is what sets Rent A Webmaster apart from any other software consultation company.

There's no point in getting the best website if it's always down. At Rent A Webmaster, we also give your site maximum uptime with custom web hosting services.

Privacy Policy

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