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Problems with Relying On Built In Ecommerce Website Solutions:

So, what's the deal with hiring someone to help you build ecommerce websites? Doesn't some software like Microsoft bCentral and Monster Commerce come with all-inclusive tools to help you build your ecommerce small business? Software companies have ecommerce website designers working for them, don't they? They are computer experts - why not leave all of your ecommerce website development to them?
Answer: Because they are Not Safe!
Big software companies are great at making computer gadgets, but are not always up to date on the latest security needs for today's ecommerce business. According to the FBI, online criminals cost American businesses $400 billion per year. And stealing data is getting more organized and more prevalent. If you bought Microsoft bCentral (for example) a couple of years ago, it will not have holes open that modern "crackers" (code hackers) can slip into. Large software companies, especially Microsoft, are new to the internet security market.
Who Has Control?

Business needs move fast. When you have ecommerce companies, being able to control any changes made to your site is paramount. With free or pre-purchased ecommerce software, you pay a monthly fee (or more) for a very inflexible ecommerce template. You won't be able to upgrade, change web hosts, or add new features. You have no choice but to stay within their narrow limits.
They are Too Expensive!

You don't get very much for your money with these cookie-cutter software packages. You and your profits are better off with hiring Rent A Webmaster, which offers flexible, affordable and secure ecommerce website solutions. Rent A Webmaster can not only assist you in ecommerce website design and software consultancy, but we also offer the best ecommerce website hosting plans that fit your unique business needs.
Rent A Webmaster is committed to giving you the quality service that you give your own customers. We strive for your complete satisfaction, guaranteed. When you contact us, you will be contacted by a real human being.
You will get partnered with a dynamic design team and always be part of the decisions. You can choose from web-based software to custom software solutions. We can help you with proven ecommerce techniques to better get through to your customer base and drive your domain up the SERPS. You and your employees will get instruction and support to understand your techie tools. We will help you have better control and content of your ebusiness.
Contact Us today!

Privacy Policy

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