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If The Three Little Pigs Built Ecommerce Websites

Once upon a time there were three little pigs. Each of these pigs started their own business. They all chose to sell different things, but all chose to go online and start ecommerce companies. They needed ecommerce business solutions. They cheerfully went their own way with their ecommerce website development plans.
Following them closely was the Big Bad Wolf. He had recently become a vegetarian, but still needed money on order to buy ice cream and triple cheese pizzas. In order to eat, he became a data thief. Since the Big Bad Wolf knew the ways of little pigs, he knew that he would be calling up the local pizzeria pretty soon.
The First Little Pig

The first little pig's ecommerce small business was selling all kinds of collectable sticks. However, he chose to build ecommerce websites that he needed himself. He used shareware and pirated software that was passing around the Peer2Peer (p2p) Stick Collector's network he was on. Soon, he had a really fancy looking website with a lot of bells and whistles and lots of sticks for sale.
But because he had used shareware and pirated ecommerce application development software, there was no way to block out the Big Bad Wolf. In no time at all, the Big Bad Wolf had sent in malware to turn the first little pig's computer into a zombie. Soon, all you saw on the first little pig's ecommerce website was "I've huffed and I've puffed and I've blown you down!"
The Second Little Pig

The first little pig's business was ruined, so he went to work for his brother the second little pig. He ran his own successful online straw auction site. He chose expensive ecommerce small business software, but chose the cheapest ecommerce website hosting service he could find.
The Big Bad Wolf had no trouble sending a compromised PDF file through the security weak web host in order to huff and puff and blow the second little pig's ecommerce small business down.
But The Third Little Pig

But the third little pig thought about what he needed in order to build ecommerce websites. He needed artistically beautiful ecommerce website development. But he also needed an affordable ecommerce website solution. He also needed safe and understandable ecommerce website hosting.
The third little pig decided to hire Rent A Webmaster. They had experience helping other ecommerce companies and let him know up front what he needed to pay before they gave him a bill. His ebusiness was a massive success, good enough to hire his little brothers as customer support staff.
And what was the third little pig's ebusiness? He was a consultant for bricklayers. The Big Bad Wolf could huff and puff all day, but he wasn't getting into this ebusiness.
When the third little pig heard how the Big Bad Wolf had infiltrated his two brother's ebusinesses, he hired the Big Bad Wolf as an IT consultant.
And they all lived happily ever after.
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