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RentAWebmaster.com incorporates features that extend the CRM functionality beyond sales, marketing, and customer support.
Some of the services we offer with CRM are:
  • Superior user interface
  • One on one Support for all Web Services
  • A designed framework, which supports integration with popular
    accounting systems.
  • Support of e-mail client integration and advanced email support
  • Support perforce integration
  • Features to make the engine to support automated business rules, email support and alerts etc
  • Supports customization of UI, TOOLS, REPORTS, and TEMPLATES etc.
  • WEB and WAP enabled.
Our operational CRM services provide support to front office business processes, including sales, marketing and serving records. Each interaction with a customer is generally added to a customer's contact history, and staff can retrieve information on customers from the database on command when necessary.
At RentAWebmaster.com our team of professionals collaborate to make sure a CRM program is created to cover the direct interaction with customers, for a variety of different purposes, including feedback and issue-reporting. Interactive communication can be through a variety of channels, such as email, web pages, and automated phone (Automated Voice Response AVR) or SMS. RentAWebmaster.com makes sure you have enough options so that you can choose a specific solution especially designed for your business. Our objectives of collaborative CRM will service a broad spectrum for all business'; including reduction of cost and improvement of services.

Privacy Policy

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